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Wettok — Earn Passive Income from Your Crypto Assets in a Completely Decentralized Manner

It can be hard to keep up with all the different ways to make money with crypto, as new opportunities are popping up all the time. Wettok is a decentralized yield optimizer that uses smart contracts to maximize your returns while minimizing your risk by automatically investing in various LPs and AMM projects. 


Wettok has a unique design that ensures safety and transparency for all its users. The project is built on top of the Binance chain. Wettok is designed to be easy to use by anyone who already knows how to perform a crypto transaction. All you need to do is deposit into Wettok. The main concept behind Wettok is that it helps users earn more money by allowing them to maximize their yield from various projects in DeFi ecosystem.

Wettok was created to solve the problem of limited liquidity in certain markets and poor execution quality on broker-dealer platforms. This leads to delays in getting your funds from one exchange or wallet to another. Additionally, there are many projects out there doing AMM or LP services that have high fees or do not allow you to withdraw your assets until a specific date/time. Wettok solves this issue by automatically investing in money-making Defi projects so you can earn a high yield on your crypto investments. 


The main purpose of Wettok is to create an ecosystem where people can earn passive income through DeFi investments. Wettok combines all of these opportunities into one simple, secure and transparent platform for the users who want to maximize their returns from multiple sources at once.

Wettok’s algorithm will automatically optimize all available liquidity pools and optimize their rewards. It will help you earn more money than ever before.  The Wettok platform is designed to be run by a wide range of users: from those who are new to DeFi and crypto markets and just want to earn extra money with their spare funds, to experienced traders who want to increase their profits without having to do all the work themselves.

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Wettok uses a set of investment strategies that have been carefully selected after years of research. These strategies are based on proven trading algorithms from different asset classes (stocks, futures, options), but adapted for crypto assets and DeFi products in particular. The goal is to give users a simple way of earning money with their spare funds — even if they don’t have much experience with investing or trading yet.

By harnessing the power of smart contracts and providing a set of products and services, Wettok aims to be one of the leading DeFi platforms within the space. In simple words, the Wettok platform is designed to be a “multi-purpose” toolbox for managing your assets and optimizing your yields from DeFi projects. It brings together all available opportunities for yield optimization into one place so that the user can earn maximum through DeFi yield farming. Getting started with Wettok is super easier: the only thing you need to do before using Wettok is to register on and connect your wallet.