What Are Different Types of Crypto Apps

What Are Different Types of Crypto Apps

Crypto applications simplify the work of a trader. They give instant and easy access to information and resources that a trader needs.

There are three major categories of crypto applications. These include Wallets, Exchanges, and Portfolio Trackers. Let’s briefly discuss each!

What Are Different Types of Crypto Apps


Just like a leather wallet that you put in your pocket, a Cryptocurrency wallet is used to store the private key. Investors need this key to unlock funds. You can easily check your balance using a wallet app whenever, wherever you want.

Although you can keep your funds with any crypto exchange, yet it’s not recommended by expert traders.

It’s preferable to use crypto wallets to store extra funds that you have set aside for your crypto trading. You should opt for a hardware wallet if you are looking to find a long-term solution to store your funds securely.


An exchange app is the most popular category of crypto applications. It lets you buy and sell any cryptocurrency using USD, GBP, and many other types of currencies.

All you need to do is simply connect a bank account, upload funds, and start trading using an app. Nearly all trusted crypto platforms have launched dedicated mobile apps for both android and iOS users.

You can download the preferred application either from the exchange’s official website or the play store. Many traders like the delta cryptocurrency app for smooth trading.

Portfolio Trackers

If you are concerned about Cryptocurrency prices, then a portfolio tracker app can assist correctly. It lets you know about the latest price updates in real-time.

Getting accurate and timely updates on prices helps you make the perfect trading decision. These kinds of applications are pretty useful for those who don’t keep funds with the exchange. There are many reliable portfolio trackers that you can choose from.

A cryptocurrency portfolio app is much simpler as compared to an exchange application.